Business Planning and Consulting

Are you starting or buying a business? Perhaps you want to expand and need to convince the bank that your business is a good investment. Do you feel like you need to hire more employees, but are not sure if you can afford them? Many entrepreneurs have powerful ideas that never see the light of day because of unforeseen setbacks and red tape. That’s why we offer professional business planning and consulting.

We help you get a clear picture of where your business is financially. Then, with your input, we craft a plan that takes all the variables into account–potential customers, financing, competition, staffing, tax implications–these are just a few of the items we will explore. Sometimes, rather than long-range planning, a business simply requires expert advice and know-how in order to resolve some pressing issues. That’s where our financially-based business consulting is of real value. Whatever the challenges you may face, we will work with you to create a practical plan that will overcome obstacles and achieve your vision.