Hours and Procedures


  • TAX SEASON (February 1 to April 15):
  • The office is open for drop-offs 9 AM to 6 PM Monday thru Friday & Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM
  • OFF-SEASON (April 16 to January 31):
  • The office is open for drop-offs 9am-5pm Monday thru Thursday
  • The office is closed on Fridays


  • Tax Return Preparation:
    • DROP OFF tax documents with the receptionist during office hours (see above)
    • FAX your tax information to 508-630-9008 or 401-537-9182
    • UPLOAD to your secure client portal (click “Upload Documents” once in your portal)
    • Since QuickBooks files are generally too large to send through the portal please UPLOAD them using our account with Send This File.
    • MAIL your copies of your documents to 22 West St. #6, Millbury, MA 01527 (Note: the Newport office does not accept mail)
    • DO NOT E-MAIL your tax documents! By law, we cannot and will not open tax documents sent via e-mail. Sending sensitive information, such as documents containing your social security or bank account number via e-mail puts you at risk for Identity Theft. We have created the portal for your safety as a secure method to transmit documents and confidential information.
    • Appointments are not required to prepare your tax return (see above for delivery methods)
    • If you would like an appointment with Paul, you have the following options:
      • In person at either the Millbury or Newport office
      • A phone call
      • Via webcam (Skype, join.me, GoToMeeting, etc.)
    • During Tax Season, we also have a team of knowledgeable professionals who can also help answer any tax questions you may have.
    • For Tax Planning, please call the office to schedule an appointment with Paul Dion via one of the aforementioned methods (does not have to be in person; Skype works best).
    • If you only need to drop off your tax materials, please do not schedule an appointment
      • If desired, you may schedule an exit interview appointment after your return has been completed to go over with Paul before e-filing. As always, Paul reviews every single return before e-filing, and will be better prepared to answer any questions regarding your tax return after it has been prepared and reviewed by him.
  • EXTENSIONS: Your return data must be completed and in our office no later than March 31st to be processed without filing an extension. There are no exceptions.
    • An extension to file is NOT an extension to pay.
    • You MUST pay at least 80% of the final tax due or the Federal and State will penalize you.
    • To figure the 80% of tax, look at page 2 of last year’s 1040 under “Total Tax.”
    • You may apply for an Installment Agreement; however, fees & interest will still accrue
    • W2s or 1099s with withholdings and/or Estimated Tax Payments so we know what you paid
    • How much you want to pay toward the extension (We recommend at least 80%)
    • If you are going to pay electronically, we need your bank info, including bank name and routing & account numbers

*PAYMENT POLICY*: All projects are delivered COD. (All returns must be paid for in full before we will release a tax return and/or efile your return ).  For business returns we will accept 50% up front and the remainder of the fee when the return is completed by us. Returns not picked up within 30 days of completion face the risk of losing all discounts originally offered.*

We accept cash , checks and credit cards and automated clearing (ACH).  We do not accept post-dated checks. We do not accept checks for which no funds are available.

*BOUNCED CHECKS*: If a check is returned to us, *we will be unable to allow any fee discount on the project and any discounts previously honored will be disallowed*. We must have the check for the corrected fee and bank charges paid in cash at our office within 5 business days from the date we are notified by the bank.  There will be a Bounced Check Fee of $25 assessed.

*COMMUNICATIONS TO THIRD PARTIES*: if you need your returns explained to a third party, like a mortgage lender, you MUST provide us with the contact name, company name, and phone number of that party in advance. We *can not and will not* speak to *ANYONE* including the IRS, about your account unless we have your permission, Power of Attorney, or a subpoena!

*LETTERS FROM IRS OR STATE*: IF you receive correspondence of ANY KIND from the IRS or State revenue offices get these to us as fast as possible. Do not attempt to read the details over the phone to us. We need to see the actual letter. FAX this letter if possible to 508-630-9008/401-537-9182 so we can determine next steps and call us to let us know to expect a copy of the letter