Part-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

As a business owner, you understand that success demands a wide variety of skills. But keeping tabs on all aspects of your business often requires you to be in two or more places at once. Managing accounting and finances can be particularly demanding–especially as your business grows. More employees means more payroll, benefits, and tax complications. Insurance agents, bankers, lawyers, the IRS–they all demand more of your time. It can become increasingly difficult to maintain focus on core services and products. It was with these circumstances in mind we created our affordable, part-time CFO service. Our part-time CFO option goes far beyond bookkeeping and financial reporting. Here are some of the included benefits.

  • accounting staff training and management
  • bank financing assistance
  • budgeting
  • business planning/consulting
  • cash flow management
  • collection procedures/implementation
  • employee benefits
  • internal controls review/implementation
  • mergers/acquisitions/expansions
  • profitability analysis of product/service
  • succession planning
  • tax planning

The above is by no means a comprehensive list. With an experienced CFO a phone call or an email away you have guidance available for every financial issue. Let our part-time CFO service contribute to your success by allowing you to refocus your energies on managing your business.